Spotlight on MeasureSquare: Cody Ripley of Performance Surfaces

Performance Surfaces

In our inaugural Spotlight on MeasureSquare series, we spoke to Robert Tipping, veteran MeasureSquare user and founder of Checkmeasures. As our series continues, we're pleased to welcome Cody Ripley of Performance Surfaces. Cody's a relatively new user of MeasureSquare, but has already distinguished himself through the caliber of his work and his thoughtful and educational engagement on our community forum.

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Spotlight on MeasureSquare: Robert Tipping of Checkmeasures

Checkmeasures MeasureSquare ad

MeasureSquare wouldn't be what it is without our users. All the little enhancements we make and all the ways we push ourselves to stay ahead of the industry curve would be moot if we were directing it at a vacuum. From a family business passed down through the generations to a new venture started by a flooring newcomer, our user community is so varied and we want to showcase some of their stories with our Spotlight on MeasureSquare series.     

This month we're thrilled to introduce Robert Tipping, founder of Checkmeasures. We speak to him about how the software fits into his day-to-day business operations and he offers advice on anyone who might be getting cold feet about committing their resources and traditional approaches to flooring takeoff programs.

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Evaluating a Commercial Flooring Estimating Software

Commercial blueprint

When making a decision as critical to your business as selecting a commercial estimating software, it is essential to have a strategy and expectations in place before you invest in a new software: requirements (past and future), training, support, rollout time, and price. Work at a commercial level has less margin for error, higher complexity, and greater risk of loss should a mistake occur; developing an evaluation template is a great way to make sure that you don't waste time evaluating a product that is a poor fit for your business needs.

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What is the MeasureSquare Cloud?

Cloud computing

The MeasureSquare Cloud hosts your diagram data and product database(s). In order for your data to back up to the cloud, users should Sync regularly in MeasureSquare's iPad app (Internet connection required). Logging into the Cloud also gives you the opportunity to manage your account, license, and subscription details.

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Benefits of consolidating a multi-platform estimating team

MeasureSquare puts the M in teamwork

Team building, synergy, innovation--buzzwords are in the air. In an industry that is in the midst of going digital, we want to be your guide to the future of takeoff estimating. Let's talk about building a consolidated team of commercial estimators where everyone is on the same page. Some of the benefits of consolidating your estimating team include:

  • A massive increase in efficiency
  • A consistent professional bid output
  • A team of experts that can support one another
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