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CRM "KIS" principle: sweat the details now, not later

If you mention the word CRM ("Customer Relationship Management") to people it can bring a sweat to the brow of the coolest characters in the room. The principles of the CRM are understandable to most, but we all struggle in some form as to how to effectively use the tools we have at our disposal: add a bunch of staff members to the challenge and once steady hands are now shaking like you're about to go on a date with Freddy Krueger.    

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How to take the pain out of customer management: CRM 101

Are you up to your ears in Excel sheets and emails to track communication between your prospects, customers, and internal team? If you're a small company, it's probably a serviceable model (if it's not broken etc. etc.), but as your business expands, it becomes increasingly risky to try and manually account for the sheer amount of information that passes through your operations on any given day.         

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