MeasureSquare Carpet Calculator and API

Here is the MeasureSquare web flooring calculator API spec (

How to add MeasureSquare Carpet Calculator to your web page?

To add this calculator to your web page, so it shows on the left edge of browser window, just copy/past script code below to your host page html code (before the end of html tag).

You may replace it with your email address and company name, so the users of calculator will be able to send you their email and estimate for quote, so it generates lead for you.

<script src=" Floors"></script>

Use scenarios of MeasureSquare web calculator API

An example, showing Tile calculator on Amazon tile product page: Tile Calcualtor

Here is another demo in your demo mock scenario, it is actually not leaving the product page (and it fills the qty field after it closes). Wood Calculator


Please email if you need to host the calculator on your site or use web calculator API from your applications.