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Welcome to FloorLink for Lowe's contractors

MeasureSquare mobile app

1. What is FloorLink for Lowe's installers?

FloorLink for Lowe's contractors is a web-based CRM for streamlining flooring measuring, estimating and installation for Lowes flooring contractors.

2. How does it work?

It streamlines your workflow in 4 steps:
      (1) job setup and dispatch
      (2) on-site measure and estimation
      (3) ISSTs estimate form generation
      (4) installation management

3. What are the key features?

Makes everything paperless

  • FloorLink can auto-upload Lowe's ISSTs & PO emails from your mailbox and convert them into Jobs in the FloorLink.
  • Users can attach diagrams and estimates created by the M2 diagram tool to the same Job and email both the diagram & the finished ISSTs to Lowe's stores.

Collaborate with Lowe's stores to reduce communication costs

  • FloorLink provides portals for Lowe's store associates and installers to check the job status, schedules and communicate with the office manager, which greatly reduces communication costs.

Integrate installation calendar with Google calendar

  • Schedulers can manage installations using FloorLink installation calendars. Installers can sync their personal Google calendar with installation schedules created by FloorLink.

Report business activities

  • Business owners can query, filter, sort and group company data to generate reports such as sales pipeline report, revenue report and so on. MeasureSquare mobile app

Integrate with diagrams created on both iPads and Windows PCs

  • Users can create diagrams with MeasureSquare from either iPads or PCs, then upload diagrams and estimates to the FloorLink in order to complete ISST forms.

Customizable menu and page layout

  • FloorLink utilizes .Net technology, which provides users flexibility to customize menus and page layout to create a workflow that fits into their daily operations.

4. Video Tutorials

    FloorLink for Lowe's installers general workflow(13:14)

    How to set up user account and grant permissions

    How to set up Lowe's associate login

    How to search a job with criteria in FloorLink

5. Frequently Asked Questions

What is my user name and password

  • FloorLink user's login must be email-like format such as johnsmith@floorlink.net

What is my Company ID

  • If you login to FloorLink using web browser, it won't require you to enter your company ID
  • If you want to open Floorlink in the M2 program, you have to enter a company ID, which is the same for all companies: donet.

How to access to new FloorLink

How to access to new FloorLink through MeasureSquare diagram tool

  • To open FloorLink in the MeasureSquare program, go to System Settings -> FloorLink Account and enter your credentials

User Permissions

  • Administrators have full access in FloorLink
  • Users who are NOT administrators will NOT have any permissions activated unless an administrator assigns a role for the user.
  • To assign a user a role and permissions, go to Admin -> Users -> click Edit link -> Select a Role.
  • To set user's permissions, go to Admin -> Roles -> Edit -> Permission -> Edit -> turn on/off permissions.
  • All users can use their old password to log on to new Floorlink


  1. If search a keyword such as last name of a customer, it will show you results in 4 categories: Jobs, Diagrams, Schedules and Leads
  1. Where to find help?
    • Call us at 1-626-683-9188 between 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Daytime from Monday to Friday
      Email us your questions to support@measuresquare.com
  2. Download User Guide from here