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James is a trainer on MeasureSquare's support team. He's our resident iOS expert, but is happy to help you with any product.

What is the MeasureSquare Cloud?

Cloud computing

The MeasureSquare Cloud hosts your diagram data and product database(s). In order for your data to back up to the cloud, users should Sync regularly in MeasureSquare's iPad app (Internet connection required). Logging into the Cloud also gives you the opportunity to manage your account, license, and subscription details.

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Using the Disto e7100i with MeasureSquare's iOS mobile app

Our goal here at MeasureSquare is efficiency. We've staked our entire mission on keeping our products accessible and easy to use--removing the need for tape measures, pencils, scale rulers, highlighters, and graph paper. As far as our suite of solutions go, it doesn't get easier than our iPad/iPhone app for retail measure estimating; half of its appeal is in how it's compatible with the Disto laser meter, model e7100i. Whether you're completely new to the iOS platform or are a seasoned user looking to add onsite measuring to your repertoire, the e7100i is an indispensible tool.