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Mobile (iOS): for onsite measure estimating solution with laser meter

Retail on iPad

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Multi-family on iPad

$65 / user / month
(Billed Annually)

$79 / user / month
(Billed Monthly)

Desktop (Windows 7/10): measure/takeoff estimating solution at office desktop


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  1. What does this subscription plan include program update and technical support?
  2. Yes, it includes program updates (normally quarterly) and live technical support hot line and email support.

  3. What is MeasureSquare Cloud? Where is my data stored, is it safe?
  4. MeasureSquare Cloud is included in your subscription plan. It enables you to sync your projects to the cloud so you can share among your own devices or collaborate with other coworkers. MeasureSquare Cloud is based on Microsoft Azure, a cloud infrastruture service that meets highest industry standard for data safty.

  5. Is there a contract? Can I cancel my subscription anytime?
  6. There is no contract. You can cancel your services anytime by calling customer services (1-626-683-9188 Press 2, M-F 8am-5pm PST). After you cancel, a confirmation email will be sent to you and you will not be billed from next billing cycle.

  7. Can I get refund from current billing period after cancellation?
  8. No. But after cancellation, you can continue using the software until the end of the current billing period.

  9. What payment options you accept?
  10. We accept Visa/Master/AE credit cards, Paypal, wire transfer check and paper checks.

  11. How do I get my monthly invoice?
  12. MeasureSquare will automatically send out invoice/receipt by email. If you don't receive it, please call customer services 1-626-683-9188 Press 2 for billing.

  13. Can I change my plan anytime by changing editios, or adding or removing license?
  14. Yes, just call customer services.

  15. What training options are available?
  16. There are several options. If you are individual user, one-on-one webinar training is a good start. If you have multiple users and locations, onsite training with a trainer from Measure Square is available so it saves your traveling expenses. The other option is to attend in office training at Measure Square facility in Pasadena, California. Here is the pricing details.

  17. What laser meters are integrated with your applications?
  18. Leica Disto meters with bluetooth D1, D2, E7100i, E7500i. Recently Bosch GLM 100C, GLM 50c, and GLM 50cx are supported on iPad platforms only. MeasureSquare store sells some of models, visit MeasureSquare store.

  19. In a nutshell, which edition is for me?
  20. Retail edition: if you do 90%+ retail residential job; Commercial edition: if you do 50%+ commercial job, Multifamily edition: if mostly multi-family contracting

  21. How can my office users collaborate with field measurers?
  22. You can have field estimators measure onsite with MeasureSquare Mobile editions, then sync projects to cloud, then office users can open/edit the diagrams with MeasureSquare desktop editions (on Windows PCs) to fine-tune the measurement and estimates, to create a quote or work order in office collaboratively.

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