iOS (released March 2017)

Features & enhancements

1. Product Setup & Assignment

  • Added "Replace & Delete" function
    • Go to "Assigned" product list--> swipe finger from right to left to replace & delete a selected item
  • Added "Labor" product type when creating a product.
    • When the labor type is selected, it will automatically separate labor charges from other flooring products on both quotation and work order
  • Support multiple regular linear or underlayment product assignments on the same area.
    • When dragging and dropping multiple linear products to the same wall base or multiple underlayment products to the the same area, a pop-up dialogue with three options will appear: "replace, append to, or cancel"
  • Allow drag & drop products on the "Add-on" product list to the diagram
  • When a product is sold by "Box", it displays the quantities rounded by box in the product legend.

2. Diagram Drawing & Estimation

  • Support multiple covering styles on staircases: tread only, riser only, full wrap or waterfall
    • Tap the stair--> tap (i)--> Details--> Covering Style
  • Display "door label" on the diagram
    • Tap a door--> tap (i)--> Modify door label
  • Added " Linear length round up" feature to round up total linear length of roll goods to 1 foot.
    • Access from System Settings--> Carpet/Vinyl Layout Settings

3. Quotation, Printing & Work Orders

  • Added Quotation & Work Order modules under diagram--> Estimation icon (the calculator)
  • Support work order
    • It displays the cost price of all charges on work order
  • Saves page orientation when printing

4. Bug Fixes

  • Resolved the system setting synchronization conflicts between local device & M2 cloud
    • System Settings--> Sync Settings--> select "upload settings to M2 cloud" to upload & backup current system settings to M2 cloud.
    • System Settings--> Sync Settings--> select "upload settings to M2 cloud" to download system settings from M2 cloud to current device.
  • Fail to display wall stack design on printout
  • Other minor bug fixes (July 2016)

Features & enhancements

1. MeasureSquare synchronization & Floorlink integration

  • notify users to sync projects with M2 Cloud
  • automatically sync projects when starting Floorlink workflow wizard (for Floorlink users only)
    • Floorlink workflow has been moved to Print Template --> gear icon --> continue Floorlink workflow

2. Plan import (for Pro edition users only)

  • when importing a PDF file with multiple pages, each page will be imported on a separate layer
  • option to adjust resolution when importing an image/PDF file to M2 app

3. Diagram drawing

  • user can save most frequently used products under "Favorite" tab in database
  • drag & drop to assign LF to one edge of an elevation
  • allow multiple linear assignments on a single wall base
  • if two doors are connected via a door, tap (i) on a room and select "Merge" to eliminate the doorway and merge two rooms into one

4. Estimation

  • user can review roll cut and cut list in cut sheet window
  • user can rotate a cut to the left/right on cut sheet
  • tap (i) on cut sheet to allow overlapping cuts on cut sheet
  • one-click optimization of waste under Estimate icon

5. Export & print

  • allow export of floor plan as CAD file
  • users can disable the proposal page by turning off "worksheet" in Print Template settings

6. Settings

  • change default estimation settings at both the project level and the system level
  • allow copying of customer information to job site contact and address in project info settings

7. Licensing

  • allow the user to log in and purchase via M2 App after their license has expired
  • automatically deactivate license when logging out to avoid "exceed license quota limitation" error

8. Miscellaneous

  • when deleting a project, a confirmation window will pop up
  • use red line with dimension to indicate a door in both Freedraw mode and re-open to draw mode
  • Forbid overlapping walls or crossing lines in Freedraw mode

9. Bug fixes

  • Resolved "conflicting product" error
  • Fixed other minor bugs


2.3.15 (April 2016)

1. Quotation sheet

  • set company information such as logo, company contact information
  • convert worksheet to quotation with one click
  • capture customer's signature
  • print or email quotation with diagrams

2. Enhanced estimation

  • auto-estimation further optimizes waste ratio

3. Synchronization reminder

  • users reminded to backup diagrams to avoid data loss (January 2016)

  • allow application of floor condition to other rooms
  • include floor condition on Print Report (October 2015)

  • updated video tutorials and user guide in help menu
  • add-on products can be dragged and applied to floor plan (note: users need to re-associate add-ons with primary products in master database)
  • fixed Disto laser connectivity issue on iOS 9
  • fixed crash when searching a diagram in diagram list on iOS 9
  • fixed bug that when panning and zooming diagram, diagram can't be displayed correctly on iOS 9

Windows 7/8/10 C++ Editions (June 2016, v.473)

Features & enhancements

1. Disto drawing

  • integration with Disto Connector to resolve Bluetooth connectivity issue with Windows 10
    • user needs to install both MeasureSquare and the Disto Connector on the same machine
    • Request Disto Connector download link via

2. Printing

  • add "print material required by room list with diagram" in Print Option GUI to display material required by room list next to the diagram on printout
  • add a checkbox, "ignore product texture", under "Set Product Texture" in Print Option GUI to allow users to choose to display product either in solid color or in black and white texture on printout.

3. Takeoff

  • enhancements for snapping features (under Room Drawing tab in System Settings):
    • snapping to adjacent walls when moving a room
    • snapping to adjacent walls when re-sizing a room
  • enhancements for countertop design:
    • allow takeoff of small size shapes
    • zoom factor extended to 1000% from 500%
    • allow width of edge LF labor item to be set to 0"
    • allow LF product assignment on missing walls
    • add option to display LF product name along edges of takeout and room perimeter (under Material Layout tab in System Settings)

4. Estimation

  • enhancements for roll good products:
    • create head seams for roll goods if min. fit length is set up under Select Material to Estimate dialog window
    • align seams with pattern carpet grid to avoid creating seams in middle of pattern
    • allow editing of Dye-lot labels in roll cut list in Estimation Data panel under Estimate tab
  • enhancements for wall stack design:
    • allow application of wall profile to a single wall without expanding walls
    • allow application of wall profile to all walls by dragging-and-dropping a wall profile to the middle of a room
    • after applying a wall profile to a wall (or perimeter of walls), automatically turn on "Show Wall & Ceiling" of the room selected (controllable under Room Drawing tab in System Settings)

5. View and display

  • add option to display LF product as dashed line in diagram under Material Layout in System Settings

6. System

  • command-line API to run MeasureSquare on silent mode and generate a PDF output

7. Bug fixes

(past updates)

1. Disto drawing

  • draw angled wall with Triangle
  • draw curved wall with Arc in Disto drawing mode
  • draw doors and openings, enhancements to avoid reconnection at time off

2. Printing

  • print multiple roll cut lists with diagrams if there are more than one roll goods
  • print product texture for black and white printing
  • print roll cut list with diagram (for Lowes contractor)
  • print to any paper size (print to scale)
  • print multiple room photos in the same page

3. Takeoff

  • allow "snapping" or "docking" of takeout to the corner and boundaries of the room
  • support multi-touch gestures on Windows tablets:
    • to zoom in/out, pinch in/out with two fingers
    • to double click, tap screen twice
    • to right click, press one finger on the screen and tap the second finger
  • re-name room label in room view
  • auto-trim off the takeout area that is outside of the room
  • embed multiple rooms at once
  • drag middle point handle to create an extrusion
  • move up/down to change the order of layers under Room View
  • create rectangular shape with any angle
  • use cutout to remove overlapped section of a room
  • auto-scroll the screen view while using rectangular takeoff

4. Cut sheet manipulation

  • move roll cuts to start/end of roll
  • consolidate waste
  • option to rearrange cuts after placing t-seam on the cut sheet
  • zoom cut to room

5. Product assignment

  • display hexagon tile and triangle tile; support tile replacement to create freestyle pattern
  • implementation of quarter-turn tile pattern
  • center pattern by selected tile
  • support negative waste factor for Add-on items
  • round up each roll cut to the nearest x inches
  • allow assigning of linear product to a missing wall
  • assign add-on area/linear/EA product to selected rooms in one shot
  • wall profile template (save and load for other projects)
  • drag-and-drop to assign wall profile to selected wall(s)
  • assign linear product to the doorway by drag-and-drop
  • import a tile pattern from an existing project file into tile pattern library
  • match patterns across all divided regions
  • pop out a window when setting pattern/grid starting point

6. Plan import

  • support batch crop and import the blueprint
  • zoom in/out at preview windows and resize preview window

7. Worksheet and forms

  • display roll cut list in worksheet
  • set profit margin and tax for multiple selected items on the forms
  • merge seleted line items into one line on the forms
  • create purchase order by vendor

8. View and display

  • display cut size or cut label individually in view option

9. System

  • support feet with decimal points and inches with decimal points
  • support running of different versions on the server
  • custom freedraw speed in System Settings

10. Display

  • multi-select rooms by pressing the Ctrl key and left-clicking; total net SF and perimeter LF are displayed in the status bar
  • enlarge/shrink the font scale on the diagram when zooming in/out

FloorLink web-based CRM (updated 12/5/15)

Features & enhancements

Enhanced features for the Status Report

  • add Operation time column
  • Status Report sorted by Operation Time in descending order by default
  • Status Report detail operation history: add Email Document, Attachment, Diagram, and Vendor login; save as Work Order event log
  • for detail event, update the description text, e.g. "Lowes Estimate" updated to "Finished Estimate"