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MeasureSquare Retail Edition (on Windows 7/8/10)

For retail flooring sales reps, estimators, installers on residential jobs


Key features that boost measure efficiency

  • measure fast with laser disto that transfers sizes by wirelessly with laser accuracy, say goodbye to old measure tape
  • Drag and drop products and installation charges on the fly
  • Automatically generate seam layout and usages instantly with optimized wastes and cuts, including for carpet pattern match
  • Create an estimate and close a sales on the spot with customer signature
  • Avoid installer mishaps with clean diagram and cutsheet
  • Avoid installer mishaps with clean diagram and cutsheet

System Requirements

Windows 7/8/10  32/64bit
Screen Size
24" or bigger screens for desktop, 12" or bigger for laptop, 10" or bigger for tablet
Disto Compatible
Leica Disto D330i with Bluetooth enabled (note: the D330i has been discontinued; if you already have this model it works fine with our software, but if you're looking to purchase one, you will need to go through other sellers; a replacement has yet to be announced)


No Up-Front Cost
New features and updates included (4 major updates annually)
Tech Support
Phone/email support included
Disto Compatible
Leica Disto D330i $379 (optional)
No Contract
Add or subtract licenses as you go. Stop at any time.
Subscribe $49/month
Key Features
  1. Pattern carpet match, tile and wood patterns, borders and walls
  2. Material square footages, linear footage for base, trim, and flash cove
  3. Seam layout and cut sheet generation
  4. Generate quotations, work orders, purchase orders, and invoices

Download Free Trial

- No Credit Card needed
- Get a free demo and support
- Call 1-626-683-9188 or email support@measuresquare.com
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Training Options

Class in office
Web session with a live trainer, good for small groups
Monthly classes offered at our Pasadena, CA headquarters
Custom training agenda, trainer(s) travels to your office
... class schedules and cost

Deployment Planning

  1. Review what objectives you'd like to achieve: accurate estimates, preventing installation mishaps, employee skill development, sales conversion improvement, etc.
  2. Start a pilot project by setting up tech savvy staff with a trial run of the program
  3. Invest in systematic training at the beginning
  4. Set gradual adoption dates for full operation

Technical Support

If used in office desktop and showroom:

- Windows 7/8/10  desktops or laptops

- Any RAM or CPU, 20" or larger screens

If used in the field:

- Any tablets or laptops that run Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 with Bluetooth (Surface Pro 3)

Disto Laser Model:

- Disto D330i recommended (note: the D330i has been discontinued; if you already have this model it works fine with our software, but if you're looking to purchase one, you will need to go through other sellers; a replacement has yet to be announced)

Updated video tutorials to be announced.

Previous video tutorial clips:

Note: if the default video speed is too fast for you, YouTube offers a speed function: click on the gear icon in the lower right of the video, select "speed" and adjust the video to your needs.

Classes Description Videos and Instructions
R-101 Introduction to RETAIL edition, course roadmap  
R-201 General system setup
R-202 Product and services database setup
Product database structure ( )
Add a new item ( )
Add a carpet ( )
Add a tile ( )
Add a wall base ( )
Add a transition ( )
Heat rod and add-on association ( )
Grout setup (   new!)
R-301 Start a job: customer, job site, product selection
Job info ( )
Project item selection ( )
R-301 Room drawing
Freedraw introduction ( )
Align room area ( )
Takeoff doorway ( )
Takeoff stairway ( )
Handwriting/notes ( )
L-shape stairway and landing (   new!)
R-302 Room drawing with Leica Disto laser meter
Disto 330i laser meter instruction  ( )
Disto drawing tutorial with FloorEstimate Pro 2011 RETAIL/Laser  ( ) (fep2012 Disto drawing video is coming soon which is similar to fep2011 in concept, but with different user interface)
R-402 Product assignment
Assign areal products ( )
Assign linear product to wall base  and assign Carpet and Tile product to wall base ( )
Set flash cove (self-coving) of room(s) ( )
Assign EA products to rooms ( )
Assign products to stairway ( )
Assign transition to the doorway ( )
Assign product to wall (show and hide walls of room) ( )
Assign tile pattern ( )
Border design ( )
Remove assignment ( )
3D view ( )
R-403 Layout and estimating
Estimate ribbon introduction ( )
Seam manipulation ( )
Cut sheet manipulation ( )
Manipulate stairway cuts ( )
Open cut sheet window into a separate window ( )
Pattern carpet cut layout ( new!)
Optional pattern carpet layout ( new!)
R-501 Worksheet
Introduction to worksheet  ( )
Add items and project level items in worksheet  ( )
Worksheet printout and export  ( )
Worksheet conversion to order forms ( )
R-502 Generate quotation, and other forms
Generate quotation ( )
R-503 Print out report  
     Please tell us how these tutorial clips work, take a short survey (only 4 questions). 

MeasureSquare 2015 User Guide:

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