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Product Highlights: New Roll Goods Features in MeasureSquare 8


As many of you know from firsthand experience, laying out roll goods in large areas can cause issues with seam layout or positioning. To help get the layout your large space needs, the newest version of MeasureSquare now incorporates the Stagger Cut option.

In order to make use of this feature, simply right click on the room with your roll good applied and select Layout and Seam, then select the option, Stagger Cuts, as seen below. This will shift the seams to provide a better layout for those large spaces.

layout and seam

See a before (above) and after (below) of the Stagger cuts feature in action.

stagger cuts

Another improvement with the new version of the software is working on vinyl jobs. This involves the ability to flash cove a specific wall. Here’s how to do it:

  • Right-click on the room and select Room Edit,
  • Select Set Self Coving and choose the appropriate dimension for the self cove,
  • set self coving
  • Right-click on the wall and select View Wall, and
  • view wall

  • Right-click on the individual wall to be self coved and select Self Cove on Selected Wall(s) ONLY.
  • selected walla view

    NOTE: the flash cove product is only shown extending up the one chosen wall.

    selected walla view