Free Drawing or Plan Takeoff





Zoom in and out



Wheeler Down

Pan and shift rooms and plan



Plus/Minus (+,-) Keys

Zoom in and out






Room Selection





Select all rooms in the current layer



Ctrl+Left Mouse Button

Pick to select multiple rooms



Left-Mouse Ruber-band

Drag out rectangular area to contain rooms to highlight






Freedraw or Tracing Mode





Undo one step (before freedraw finishes, or reopen a closed room)



Space, or Right-click, or Double Click

Close freedraw shape



Esc or Right-click

Quit freedraw mode



T key

Turn into a rectangular mode based on previous edge (good for angled rectangular room takeoff) new!



P key

Stop drawing, allow to re-start drawing by clicking on either end points



R key

Turn current drawing segment into curve


Q key Align line perpendicular to previous segment
Shift down Hold to swing line to any angle
Wheeler Scroll to zoom in/out, hold down pan





Insert Doorway




Space key

Flip side



X key

Toggle different door leaf style



Shift key

Switch door leaf axis






Delete Rooms or Fixtures




Delete key

Delete any highlighted items (rooms or fixtures)






Shift Selected Rooms




Arrow keys

Shift highlighted items up, down, left, right






Cut, Copy, Paste Rooms





Cut selected rooms




Copy selected rooms




Paste copied rooms






Show Wall Base Section, Walls




S key

To show or hide wall base sections of all rooms



W key

To show or hide walls and ceilings of selected rooms in 2D






GTCO Digitizer 16-Button Configuration



Button 0

Pick corner point while in freedraw mode (beep once)



Button 1

Undo pick corner while in freedraw



Button 2

Trace arc/curve wall

Toggle On/Off


Button 3

Redo corner pick



Button 4

Restart freedraw (abandon current points)



Button 5

Close freedraw shape



Button 6

Enter into rectangular shape takeoff

Toggle On/Off


Button 7

Enter into attachment takeoff (takeaway areas, holes, insets, etc)

Toggle On/Off


Button 8

Enter into doorway takeoff (pick two door width points, second point with door leaf)

Toggle On/Off


Button 9

Enter into stairway takeoff (start from first step, pick four points: first two points define stairway width, third point AND 2nd point defines a single tread length, fourth point AND 1st point defines the total tread length.

Toggle On/Off