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Upgrade to Measure Square 8 for a group of users

If you are manager who wants to help all of your estimators transition from Measure Square 2015 to Measure Square 8, please read through and follow the instructions below:

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Step 1. Contact our sales team to create an administrator account for your company.
Managers can email our sales team (alicia@measuresquare.com or darienne@measuresquare.com) and provide your account information, such as your company name, total number of license subscriptions, and account ID ( e.g. C1234). After verifying your compnay information, the sales team will create an administrator account for you.

Step 2. Create a Measure Square ID & initial password for your estimators.
Managers have full control of user & license management via the Measure Square cloud.
  • Visit cloud.measuresquare.com and log in using the administrator credentials created in step 1.
  • Find Group Management on the left panel and select Group Members. To create a Measure Square ID, click the New button and enter your name, email address and password.
  • To add an existing Measure Square ID to your group, click Invite to send an invitation to the user. After the invitation is accepted, the user's name and Measure Square ID will appear in the Group Members table.

Step 3. Help your estimators install the Measure Square program.
Visit cloud.measuresquare.com and then click Download A Free Trial to download the latest Measure Square program. After the download process is completed, double click on the file to start the installation. Once finished, you will need to notify your estimators to log in with the Measure Square ID and password created in Step 2.

Step 4. Help your estimators activate the product license.
After launching the Measure Square program, go to the File menu and then click on the MeasureSquare ID & License item. A window should pop up, prompting you to start a trial or purchase. Click the License Manage button at the top right of the window. A new window will pop up with a list of license IDs and names. Make sure to select the license that matches the ID for the license assigned to you in the Cloud. Choose Activate for the license you wish to activate. After this, you should have access to the software.

Step 5. Convert the Measure Square 2015 product database to the Measure Square 8 database format.
  • Open the Measure Square 8 program and then go to the File menu. Click on the product database and select Import MeasureSquare 2015 Database.
  • Select fepMaterial7.mdb on the pop-up window and then click Open.

  • The Measure Square 2015 database will then be converted and imported to Measure Square 8.

Step 6. Advice your estimators to watch the video tutorials.
Estimators should go to the MeasureSquare video tutorial page to learn how to use Measure Square 8.

Step 7. Coordinate with Measure Square customer support to schedule online demos.
If you need group training/demos, please contact our sales team (alicia@measuresquare.com or darienne@measuresquare.com) to schedule an online webinar with our trainers.