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How To Best Use The MeasureSquare Commercial 15-Day Trial

Thanks for considering our software! We know it will greatly improve your business, in terms of boosting productivity, saving time and getting more bids out to customers – and much faster.

But we also know that commercial takeoff software can be, well, intimidating. So yes, with MeasureSquare, you will need to spend time learning the features and workflows.

OK then, what are some of the things to do to get off to a good start with the 15-Day trial?

Six Easy Steps

Step 1.

Make Sure You Have the Right System.

MeasureSquare desktop requires Microsoft Windows OS (versions 7/8/10), the Intel i7 Processor, 8GB DRAM and a 24-inch screen (recommended)

Step 2.

Download and install the software on your desktop.

Click here for the software.

Step 3.

Register & Activate.

When you launch the software, you will get a prompt to enter your email and other information. This will provide you with a MeasureSquare ID.

Step 4.

Load the demo floor plan

The file is here (a sample PDF plan, which is 1.5 MB). You’ll save this on your PC and then import it into Measure Square.

Step 5.

Watch video tutorials

These are located on the top-right of this page.

Step 6.

Compare the projects

You can make the comparison with the following takeoff project, located here (11.2 MB)

Need Help?

Contact the MeasureSquare support hotline: 1-626-632-9188 (even if you are just evaluating) or support@measuresquare.com with your questions

Download Trial Schedule A Demo

Hardware and Operating System Requirements: Microsoft Windows OS (versions 7/8/10), Intel i7 Processor, 8GB DRAM and a 24-inch screen (recommended)

Comprehensive Sample Takeoff Tutorial

Note: You can find the timeline in the video description. The video is also 1 hr 15 min in length.

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