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MeasureSquare Online Class

Learn at your own pace, track your progress and get a completion certificate

Designed for flooring installers, contractors and dealers, MeasureSquare software web training classes are now available on Udemy. You can sign up and take the classes for free and get a completion certificate from us.

Learning Platform: Any web browsers on any platforms such as Windows, iOS or Mac on desktop, laptop or cell phones.

iPad and IOS Requirements: iPad 3 and up, iPhone 5 and up, and iOS 10 and up

Laser Models: Leica (e7100i, D1, D2) and Bosch (GLM 50 C and GLM 100 C), available at a local Home Depot or Lowe's.

How To Access The Class:

Click on the link below, sign up for a free account and enter the private class passcode: measuresquare

Note: If you have any questions, please contact us at training@measuresquare.com

MeasureSquare Mobile Class on Udemy

Job tracking, scheduling with efficiency

Track your learning progress

  1. Videos and demo scenarios
  2. Quizes at the end of each section
  3. Easy-to-follow workflow

Collaborate among sales reps, office inventory staff, field estimators, and installers

Engage your team to learn new skills

  1. Elimnate costly measure estimating mistakes by your sales reps and installers
  2. Invest in systematic training with your team
  3. Gain a competitive edge over big box retailers and old school ways

Manage measuring, estimating and job tracking over web

Get a completion certificate for your career goals

  1. Apply your new skills to real job situations
  2. Integrate with existing measure estimating workflows
  3. Note: Contact training@measuresquare.com to get a completion certificate mailed to you

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