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MeasureSquare for Commercial Cleaning

A New Way to Win More Cleaning Contracts With Professional Bids

How it works?

A professional proposal with a floorplan mapped with cleaning types outsells your competition. MeasureSquare provides a new way to streamline the bid process.

Step 1. takeoff a building plan or measure onsite with a laser to create a floorplan

Step 2. asign clean types, traffic pattern and labor charges to each area

Step 3. calculate the square footages and prices and generate a bid

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System Requirements: Microsoft Windows OS (versions 7/8/10), 8GB DRAM and a 24-inch screen (recommended)
Report printout: estimation summary

Set up cleaning products, labor charges database

Set individual waste percentages by product.

Labor serivces by traffic pattern and surface types.

Set up MeasureSquare software with predefined surface types and traffic patterns database

Import building floorplan drawings into MeasureSquare with ease

Import plans with 100+ pages in a matter of moments.

Easily select applicable pages and scale to ensure accuracy on your takeoff.

Step 1: Import building  floorplan and setup takeoff scale

Trace and takeoff room areas to be cleaned

Takeoff all rooms area, hallway, and even walls with different surfaces types

Drag and drop items to each areas with color coding

Step 2: Trace and takeoff room areas by surface types and traffic patterns

Specify cleaning surface type with traffic patterns, frequencies

Drag and drop product/services items

Step 3: Drag and drop color coded items to specify surface types and  traffic patterns to room areas

Review worksheet and print a proposal to Excel

Create report and export estimate in Excel

Step 5: Move to worksheet to find all estimation data, print or export to Excel

Color coded floorplan printout with surface type and traffic pattern legend

Printout report

Report printout: estimation summary

Quick Learning Tutorial (20 min)

Get up to speed in hours

Live product support from customer service team

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