Integration with Other Flooring Software

We have built MeasureSquare to seamlessly integrate with other software. For example, the output -- which can be in the form of an Excel take estimate file or diagram PDF -- can be imported into other applications. What's more, the Measure Square cloud is another platform that can access projects via API calls.

Integration with other software avoids double entry and streamlines your measure estimating and sales workflow. To this end, we have been actively working with other leading software companies in the flooring industry to provide the best solutions for your business needs.

MeasureSquare Partners/Resellers:

  • QFloors: Integrated with the estimate/sales order and inventory system through the MeasureSquare Cloud API. We allow for the storing of diagrams and cut sheet documents.
  • Roll Master: Integrated with the order and inventory system through the MeasureSquare Cloud API. There is also storage for diagrams and cut sheet documents.
  • Comp-U-Floors: Integrated with sales, estimates, orders and inventory. Measure Square also stores diagrams and cut sheet documents.
  • Pacific Solutions /Job Runner: Import of estimate sheet csv's into the Job Runner program. As for other diagrams and cut sheets, these are importated as separate documents.
  • C/F Data Systems /STRUCTURE: Import estimate spreadsheet files into STRUCTURE. Other diagrams/cut sheets need to be imported as separate documents.

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For IT Staff and Technical Personnel

If you are interested in integrating with MeasureSquare and are researching the technical specs, then our Integration Guide (PDF) is what you need: