Measure Estimating App for Retail Flooring

Measure estimating app for flooring quote is essential for flooring dealers such as sales reps, estimators and installers. The measuring app can measure a floor plan with integrated with popular laser meters, it estimates carpet, vinyl, tile, VCT, laminate and hardwood products and labor costs.

A game changer app for onsite measure to sales

Say goodbye to old school pencil and paper, this mobile app connects laser and draws floor plans accurately, so your sales rep can give a quote, close the sales with a flooring customer onsite.

MeasureSquare has been adopted by flooring businesses from big boxes, to national chains, to mom and pa stores.

Trades: Residential Flooring, Builders/Multi-family Projects

Best for: Dealers, Sales Reps, Installers

Sys Req: iOS 10+, iPad 4+/iPhone 6+, Android 6+

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Supported Laser Meters

Bosch GLM 50C, 100C, 120C, 150C, 400C, 400CL (iOS only)

DeWALT DW099S, DW0165S, DW0330S (New) (iOS only)

Leica Disto D1, D2, E7100i

Moasure One (New) (iOS only)

A Customer Shop-at-Home Story

A Quick Demo on How it Works

Trusted by Thousands of Users from Big Boxes, National Chains to Mom and Pa Stores

Workflow Streamlined

From site measure to quote, and close sales onsite

Measure to create a floor plan with a laser meter

Use a digital laser and our iPad app to easily create a floor plan onsite fast and accurately:

Create room measurement and document job site conditions

Drag & Drop doors, windows, large appliances

Take photos onsite for detailed report generation

Supported Lasers

Leica Disto D1, D2, E7100i

Bosch GLM 50C, 100C, 120C, 150C, 400C, 400CL

Specify products on floors and walls

Drag and drop products to specific areas

  • Surface products on floors and wall (carpet, vinyl, tile, wood, laminate, etc)
  • Linear products such as base, trim, transition and bull noses
  • Counters and kitchen cabinet areas

Calculate product quantity, layout direction and seam locations

Estimate product usage quantities, create seam layout and cut sheet diagrams

  • Carpet pattern match
  • Ceramic layout across areas
  • Waste optimization

Create Professional Quote and Capture Signature

Finalize sales amount, tax, freight and labor items to create a quote easily

  • Set up profit margin
  • Add taxes, labor items
  • Capture customer signature

Create Work Order with Installation Diagrams

Ready to create work order for installers with detailed install diagrams

  • roll cut sheet and seam diagram
  • work order instruction and job-site instructions
  • 3D floorplan reference link


Measure with Laser Meters

Laser accurate and fast

Sales tool for shop-at-home or at showroom

Fast quotes close a job in front of customers

3D Wall Design & Walk-through

Wow and win clients with 3D floor and wall design walk through.

Loaded with product price catalog

Get product pricing into an estimate to close a sales onsite

Instant Waste Optimization

Auto find minimum waste layout, cut sheet, self-coving, or stone nesting yield instantly.

Estimate multiple unit projects

For combination of unit types and product options

Present professional quote instantly

Quote faster and accurate to avoid costly mistakes

Field & Office Collaboration

Facilitate installers with clean cut and seam diagrams to avoid mishaps

Integrated with most ERP/CRM

Integrated with popular accounting and B2B inventory systems

Subscribe, On-board and Support

Roadmap to get you up-to-speed faster

Your subscriber experience starts with a dedicated support rep, access to internal video training resources, best practices, and a second-tier implementation and integration support team.

1. Dedicated Customer Success Rep (CSR)

A CSR is assigned and responsible for your onboarding process

3. Access to Internal Training Materials

Search internal database, best practices and interact with the user community.

2. Complimentary Onboarding Sessions

Schedule staged web onboarding sessions with your CSR by your skill levels.

4. Get Support

Reach out to our support team by email, webchat, and phone M-F 7:30 - 5 pm Pacific Time, 1-626-683-9188,

Why Switch to MeasureSquare Retail Solution?

Embrace the game changer app against the Big Boxes and old school competitors

Integrated with 5 out of 6 flooring management systems (ERP)
Easy to learn and use
Committed teaching you to get up-to-speed

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