For the past few months we’ve teased at the newest generation of our suite of software solutions for flooring industry professionals. Thank you for your patience! We know you’re curious about more details, so we’re excited to give you a glimpse of exactly that.

MeasureSquare 2016 is still in its beta phase as we iron out the kinks and work on implementing the suggestions being made by our testers before we announce a wide release.

Disto compatibility

MeasureSquare 2016 will be compatible with all disto models. Whether you own the [now discontinued] D330i or the E7100i/E7500.


We’ve updated our stairway models and they look beautiful.

Tile industry professionals rejoice!

MeasureSquare 2016 features a robust set of features to tackle whatever job you might encounter with ease: 

  • The software can handle not only rectangular tiles, but also triangles, hexagons, etc. Users can even freedraw tile shapes and create tile patterns using those tiles.
  • Rich pre-defined tile patterns, e.g. mosaicwindmillbrickwork
  • Introducing: shower design–from niches to shower curbs, vanities, and sinks (see header photo and slides), Measure Square 2016 supports more detailed 3D-modeling and creation of bathrooms. 
  • Introducing: kitchen design with elevations–countertops and backsplashes (see slides above).