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Software For Interior Floor Plan and Flooring Layout

We make it easy for interior designers to not only measure and create floor plans but also to estimate product efficiently

Measure onsite to create accurate floor plans with a laser meter

Layout flooring on floors and walls

Get 3D presentation and budget estimates

Export to CAD and Revit/BIM software

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Platforms Available: Microsoft Windows OS (versions 7/8/10), iOS and Android phones and tablets

Yes, great interior design starts with an accurate floor plan

Measuring a floor plan is made easy with the MeasureSquare Mobile edition

Model details (doors, windows, cabinets, tubs and stairs, etc.)

Set up MeasureSquare software with predefined surface types and traffic patterns database

Change product selection and design ideas instantly

Drag and drop products from your catalogs

Create designs with curves and tile/wood patterns

Step 1: Import building  floorplan and setup takeoff scale
Step 1: Import building  floorplan and setup takeoff scale

Run budget/estimates and compare options on-the-fly

Communicate with clients' budgets in mind

Share floor plans and site details with trade partners and installers

Generate budget estimate and compare price options

Integrate with other CAD and BIM software

Export floor plan DWG/DXF to AutoCAD/Revit for detailed designs

Export 3D model 3DS files or share with web link for quick 3D walk-throughs

Share with clients, trade partners, contrators, installers with 3D viewer

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