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Flooring should not be difficult, painful, time-consuming or give you a headache. Retail Mobile

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Product features

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The most feature-rich floor plan designer in the market

– Measure Square has been providing estimation software for over 15 years
– Our tools are backed with quarterly updates, far more than any other in the industry
– We listen to you. The software is a product of actively implementing feedback from our customers
– Simple and supported. It is easy to get started with Measure Square – that is why people switch to us

Measure with laser, fast and accurately like a Pro!

– Measure all flooring types
– Create floorplan diagram for product estimating

Dista freedraw w:Laser
Diagram cut sheet

Outsell competition with optimized waste to win a bid

– Easily adjust seam location and product layout to minimize waste on your project
– Easy to try different patterns, change and replace them
– Select a product and create a quote, capture measurements, photos and even customer signatures on the spot

Collaborate with office coworkers to close sales in showroom over Cloud

– Start a project on the iPad and finish on our Desktop Windows Platform.
– Collaborate with coworkers by syncing projects through MeasureSquare Cloud.


Installers get clear seam diagrams, cut sheets to avoid mishaps

– Create, edit and send out product spec, seam diagrams and cut sheets from the app
– Share, print or email on the fly

Partners with most flooring software systems incl. QFloors, Roll Master, CUF, CF/Data etc.

– No double entry, import products from your catalog system
– Export your measurement data back into your business software


Customer reviews

How we help

We give you the estimation tools to avoid guesswork, improve your speed and accuracy so you can close deals more quickly.

What you will get

Say goodbye to old school pencil and paper, this iPad app combines laser with a floor plan designer so your sales rep can give an accurate quote and close the sales with a customer onsite.

Our results

95% of our clients are recurring. They love our tools and love the support they get for a frictionless takeoff. We take the hurdles out of the way so you can focus on your business instead of learning the tools.





5,000,000 m2

Area measured


Hours saved


We get you started with zero lag to ensure the transfer process is smooth and comfortable for you. Choose between self-paced tutorials, online courses or lookup references.

Udemy Course: Estimating for Retail Flooring

A beginner’s guide to retail floor estimating with Measure Square. Learn at your own time and pace on

Get started or see our other courses here.

Copy & Paste, Rotate & Merge Rooms

Need some tutorials on getting the most out of Measure Square?

This video will show you how to cut, copy, paste, rotate & merge rooms.

See our other videos here.

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