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MeasureSquare Commercial Edition

Power Your Estimators/PMs to Win More Commercial Project Bids with Profit

As official software vendor of FUSE and StarNet commercial groups, MeasureSquare has been trusted by many elite commercial contractors in US and Canada: Acousti Engineering, BT Mancini, Bonitz, Mr. David's, etc.

When it comes to commercial flooring takeoff, MeasureSquare outperforms its competition in terms of handling large projects, fast speed of sophisticated layout estimating algorithm, flexbile and quality PDF reporting, and its proactice customer services.

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Live Proactive Support Is Crucial for Commercial Contractors

We have been using MeasureSquare for a few years now and have been extremely pleased with the software and customer support. We get our questions answered quickly, they listen to our recommendations on software developments and implement solutions. B.T. Mancini has standardized on the MeasureSquare solution and every sales person utilizes it.

client testimonial

Joe Camilleri, VP
B.T. Mancini

Capable of handling large scale commercial projects with hundreds of plans

Import plans with 100+ pages in a matter of moments.

Easily select applicable pages and scale to ensure accuracy on your takeoff.

Tackle Commercial Finish Schedules with Speed and Accuracy

Set individual waste percentages by product.

The Product List Mode makes short work of complex finish schedules.

Quickly handle intricate floor designs to bid more efficiently

One click to finish drawing neighboring rooms.

Auto complete feature to speed up takeoff time

Create complex tile patterns with our Tile Pattern Designer

Design your own tiles and tile patterns with complex polygon shapes.

Assign tiles by percentages to individual regions.

Create customizable worksheets and professional bids

Design worksheets within Measure Square to then export to Excel for even more customization.

Create and send out reports that include diagrams, quantities and installation details.

Schedule A Demo Start 14-Day Trial Subscribe $179/mo

Trusted by Leading Commercial Groups and their Elite Members