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Cutlist Optimizer App

Easy and Faster Cutlist Optimizer App on iOS

The SheetCut Optimizer is an iOS mobile app for cutlist optimization for a broad-array of cutting projects including plywood, stone slabs, glass, wood panels, MDF, particle board, and plastics. Complex projects, which may have over 100 parts, can be optimized and nested in seconds.

It’s a snap to use – and you will save time, money and material usage.

Trades: Fabricators, Builders, Countertop, Flooring, Furniture Stores
Best for: Estimators, Project Managers, Sales Reps
iOS Appstore      Android Play (coming soon)


▪ Create and save cutlist optimization jobs

▪ Support for millimeter and inches, with up to three decimal places

▪ Setup parts with tag labels

▪ Set cutter blade width, layout number and sheet rotation options

▪ Get fast calculation speeds, with six cut list optimization levels (the highest level generates the most optimized layouts)

▪ Automatically calculate fill ratios, the number of sheets needed, and the area of sheets and parts

▪ Get visual cutting layouts in list and large views (show/hide parts colors)

▪ Export optimized cut list results to PDF and CAD files