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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The annual subscription price already includes a 20% discount (that is, compared to the monthly subscription price)

Yes. The updates are usually provided on a quarterly basis and we provide technical support, which you can access via phone or email

There is no contract or setup fee. So if you want to cancel, you can call our support line (1-626-683-9188 and then press 2). After you cancel, a confirmation email will be sent to you

No. But after cancellation, you can continue using the software until the end of the current billing period

We accept credit most of cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, Diners Club and UnionPay. If you would like to make a payment via wire transfers and paper checks, you can call our support line (1-626-683-9188 and then press 2)

Measure Square will automatically send out invoices/receipts by email. If you don’t receive anything, please call customer services (1-626-683-9188 and then press 2)

Yes. You can manage your existing subscriptions in the Measure Square Cloud portal. Once you have modified your subscriptions, Measure Square Cloud will automatically update your billing and email the billing contact on the account a confirmation of the changes

There are several. If you are an individual user, then a one-on-one webinar is a good place to start. Although, if you have multiple users and locations, onsite training is available. And yes, the other option is to attend an office training at our headquarters in Pasadena, California. Here are the pricing details

Leica Disto meters with Bluetooth D1, D2, E7100i and E7500i. We also have Bosch GLM 100C, GLM 50c, and GLM 50cx for the iPad platforms. The MeasureSquare store sells some of the models

We have editions for retail, commercial and multi-family trades. Please contact our sales department to confirm your selection

You can have field estimators measure onsite with the MeasureSquare Mobile edition and then sync projects to the cloud. This will allow your office users to open/edit the diagrams with the MeasureSquare desktop editions (on Windows PCs) to fine-tune the measurements and estimates as well as to create a quote or work order

The MeasureSquare Cloud is included in your subscription plan and it enables you to sync your projects to the cloud so you can share among your own devices or collaborate with coworkers. This technology is based on Microsoft Azure, a cloud infrastructure service that meets the highest industry standards for data safety.

Your MeasureSquare one-license subscription includes 5GB of storage for job files. An additional 5GB of cloud storage can be purchased for $5/month.