HVAC Takeoff Estimating Software to Win More Bids

For HVAC takeoff, layout and bid

HVAC takeoff and estimating is a critical task for construction new project cost estimating. Taking off HVAC devices, assemblies and layout from architect plans, estimating material and labor costs, and displaying takeoff on 2D/3D provides a professional presentation to communicate with the clients and to win a bid.

MeasureSquare software has been applied to HVAC takeoff estimating by HVAC contractors. For instance, MEP estimators can takeoff a building floorplan or measure onsite to count air handles, thermostats, air duct and linear wires on walls, ceiling and floors. At the end, it creates a visual 3D layout design and quote proposal for the client.

HVAC devices and installation labor charges can be set up into a HVAC product catalog, so it can be easily used in the estimating process.

Trades:  MEP system design, HVAC installation

Best for: HVAC contractors and estimators

Sys Req: Windows 7/8/10, 8+GB Ram, 24″+ monitor

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How MeasureSquare Commercial streamlines HVAC takeoff estimating process

Import building drawings or measure facility floor plan onsite with the software easily

  • Import architect plans or even fire exit floor plan into the software.
  • Measure onsite with laser meter to create a floor plan drawing.

Drag and drop HVAC devices from product catalog, and place them on floors/walls/ceilings

  • specify devices with graphical symbols at right place and with right orientations
  • viewable in 2D and 3D walk through

Experiment and validate HVAC system design and layout in 3D

  • Automatically show system design in 3D walk through

Configurable product and labor database saves time in bid preparation

  • Create product items and linear duct and wire layout, count for EA items with various types of HVAC device symbols
  • Set up product and labor cost margins

Create professional sales presentation with 2D and 3D models

  • Automatically create cost estimate and sales quote for clients
  • Create professional installation diagrams for installers

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