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Measure Square Suite for Retail Flooring Dealers

Close more deals with our real-time estimating tool for onsite sales and retail flooring.

The MeasureSquare App is a game-changer for those looking to close deals fast. Say goodbye to old-school pencil and paper, this mobile app connects laser and draws floor plans accurately, so your sales rep can give a quote and close the sales with a flooring customer onsite. With us on hand, you’re ready to close a deal in a matter of minutes.

Draw accurate floor plans

Quotes and close in real-time

Connect with most lasers on the market

Trusted by Thousands of Construction & Home Services Businesses Large and Small

Why Switch to MeasureSquare Retail Solution?

Embrace the game changer app against the Big Boxes and old school competitors
Forget your outdated takeoff software and invest in the future of takeoff estimating, here are the Four reasons:

  • Integrated With 5 Out Of 6 Flooring Management Systems (ERP)
  • Easy To Learn And Use
  • Committed Teaching You To Get Up-To-Speed