Integration with QFloors Management System

Using iPad Edition and MeasureSquare 2017 Windows edition.

For retail dealers, installers, contractors

  • User may use iPad and laser disto onsite to measure and estimate, and email estimate, seam and cut plan report as PDF file
  • User can also create diagrams and generated PDF report using MeasureSquare 2017 windows desktop version.
  • Report PDF file can be attached to QFloors sales order or any order entry as reference
  • Video tutorial:


Using Windows-based Desktop Editions

For retail dealers, installers

  • This tutorial is about how MeasureSquare 2015 edition is integrated with Qfloors management system
  • The use case scenario for retail flooring dealers on how MeasureSquare estimates get transferred to QFloors seamlessly without double entry
  • Video Tutorial:

For Commercial contractors using MeasureSquare 2015 Windows desktop editions

  • The use case scenario for commercial contractors on how MeasureSquare takeoff estimates get transferred to QFloors seamlessly for their job management.
  • Video Tutorial: