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MeasureSquare RoomScanner App (Free)

Scan rooms & export floor plan into MeasureSquare Mobile/RenoPlan in a snap with your iPhone/iPad LiDAR Camera

MeasureSquare RooScanner App can quick scan rooms to create a floor plan with accurate room measurement including doors, windows and cabinets with an iOS iPad/iPhone with a LiDAR camera. The app scanned floorplan can be easily exported into MeasureSquare Mobile, RenoPlan for further product layout and estimating to generate a sales quote and installation diagrams.

It will be a handy tool as alternative to laser meters for contractors, real estate flippers/agents, flooring pros, property managers, installers, office managers, DIYers/homeowners, just to name a few…

A homeowner can use this app to create a floor plan and share it with their flooring contractors, remodelers and others to get a quote on their projects too.


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Platform: iPhone/iPad, iOS 12 and up

Supported iOS DevicesiPhone Pro/Pro Max (12, 13, 14, up), iPad Pro 2020, 2021, 2022 models. Verify it has Lidar camera before purchase.

Use Cases   Tutorials


Existing MeasureSquare Mobile Users: as an alternative for laser meter

  • Faster measurement without a learning curve
  • Import into M2 Mobile for product estimates
  • Quote faster onsite with a prospect or customers

Existing RenoPlan users such as Remodeler, Installers: measure rooms accurately, get quick cost estimate, quote professionally to win projects

  • Measure overall square footages on whole house efficiently
  • Capture site photos with markups as reference.
  • Quote professionally with clients with a clear floor plan

Get Started Tutorials

Tips to scan a room area with supported iOS Lidar devices, and export into MeasureSquare Mobile app

MeasureSquare RoomScanner App is an easy-to-use room scanning app that that generates a room measurement drawings into MeasureSquare Mobile/RenoPlan apps after the scan.

The overall workflow is quite simple and can be mastered with following how to videos.

Here is the list of subjects covered in the tutorial playlist:

(1) How to scan a room or several rooms under a project

(2) How to prepare MeasureSquare Mobile or RenoPlan to accept measurement from the scanner app

(3) Export it into MeasureSquare Mobile or RenoPlan app on the same device

(4) Manage project settings and export options

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