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Vinyl Flooring Calculator

Estimate vinyl square feet with actual seam layout

MeasureSquare Vinyl Flooring Calculator estimates roll vinyl good accurately with room measurement sizes, and it generates professional seam layout and cut sheets as reference.
Vinyl Flooring Calculator can be used by professional flooring dealers, homeowners/DIYers to estimate vinyl product usage and cost efficiently. It works for both metric and imperial measurement system.

Insight tips to optimize waste and seam layout with professional vinyl layout features

Room layout direction matters for both vinyl flooring usage and seam locations

– Carpet can be laid out in both ways with different usages
– Use layout direction to play with the options to optimize seams and waste

Vinyl layout with different roll width can have different usage quantities

– Roll carpet normally comes with 12 feet width, but also available in 13 feet and 15 feet rolls
– Play with different roll width to optimize the usage quantity

Pattern vinyl flooring product normally requires extra square footage for matching

– Pattern carpet looks pretty and normally requires extra square feet to match cuts
– Use pattern width and length to calculate the exact layout

Estimate vinyl flooring for stairs

– Measure stair width, tread and riser length, and number of stairs to get square footage for the carpet cuts.

Email measurement and estimate report to yourself or a local store

– Email or print this measurement report and bring it to a local store to get a quote for your carpet job
– It saves their time and cost to get your carpet job done faster

App on how to measure your room areas accurately

– Get a floor measuring app for professional measurement

Advanced Measure App for Flooring Professionals

MeasureSquare provides professional onsite measure estimating app for flooring and related trade professional. To find out details, please visit :