Calling all multi-family and new construction flooring contractors! Elevate your contractor selling and bidding process with precision measuring and estimating. Embrace the emerging industry standard of using professional flooring measure estimating software like MeasureSquare Mobile or Multi-family edition to turbocharge your measurement and quoting procedures.

If you are already using MeasureSquare Multi-family edition for measure estimating projects, the new MeasureSquare CRM can take your estimating and quoting process to the next level:  by enabling your Sales reps to prepare property bid packages to win a new client and to automate the future order/quoting process.  Here is the why. 

What is MeasureSquare CRM?

MeasureSquare CRM is a cloud-based CRM system designed for the flooring trade with MeasureSquare software fully integrated. This means that you can access your diagrams and estimate data created by MeasureSquare software from the CRM, and use them to create quotes, bids, purchase/sales orders, work orders, installation schedules, and invoices.

For example,

How MeasureSquare CRM boosts your measure estimating efficiency?

  1. First, MeasureSquare CRM enables you to manage your sales team and projects visually in a Kanban-style pipeline, so you can easily find leads during each stage of the sales funnel. In addition, this view makes it easy to spot dropped-balls and missed opportunities.
  1. Your PMs and estimators directly create a bid package, including various unit types, for a property from site measurement data.
  2. Easily set up the property manager to place an order based on the bid package setup. Send your bids to clients effortlessly, track when your bid is viewed by the other party, and receive instant notifications when your client signs off on it.
  3. Your account reps can easily finalize the quote with existing floorplan data and product layout, and then confirm it with the property manager to close the sale.

How to get started with MeasureSquare CRM?

If you are interested in trying out MeasureSquare CRM, you can request a free trial or contact us for more information. We also provide quality support and onboarding training to help you get the most out of our solution.

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