Team building, synergy, innovation–buzzwords are in the air. In an industry that is in the midst of going digital, we want to be your guide to the future of takeoff estimating.

Let’s talk about building a consolidated team of commercial estimators where everyone is on the same page. Some of the benefits of consolidating your estimating team include:

  • A massive increase in efficiency
  • A consistent professional bid output
  • A team of experts that can support one another

United we…

When uniting a team under one estimating platform–no matter the vendor–there are obstacles large and small that must be overcome. Rolling out an estimating tool to a group of individuals with varied levels of training in various platforms can be daunting. Like the old saying goes: “best to eat an elephant one bite at a time”.

MeasureSquare prides itself on not only providing a takeoff tool, but also a solution for completely modernizing and streamlining the estimation process for customers that need help planning new IT purchases, explaining the benefits of a CRM system, or developing a comprehensive rollout procedure for an estimating team.

Success starts with one

With an industry-leading training turnaround, the rollout approach is simple: we start with one estimator. That estimator will become the champion for all things MeasureSquare, an internal expert whose body of work and efficiency numbers will speak for themselves. After the decision to consolidate has been made, the MeasureSquare team will work on developing a customized rollout plan specific to your needs. Through on-site training workshops, webinars, training at MeasureSquare headquarters, and our new community forum, we will ensure that your team becomes fully integrated and modernized.

It is important to make sure the tools you have are tailored to the challenges you face. In an industry driven by innovation, trends, and a competitive bid process, having a tool that adapts, changes, and grows with you is essential.  Whatever challenges your business and team face, you can count on Measure Square to help you navigate the takeoff estimating space successfully.