If you are looking for a cloud-based CRM that can handle all your flooring needs, from takeoff estimating to installation scheduling, you should check out MeasureSquare CRM. It is a unique solution that integrates seamlessly with MeasureSquare takeoff estimating projects and provides you with a range of features to streamline your workflow and increase your efficiency.

Why Do You Need MeasureSquare CRM?

Unlike general CRM systems, MeasureSquare CRM is designed specifically for the flooring industry. It allows you to leverage your takeoff estimating data and diagrams to create professional bids, sales orders, purchase orders, work orders, and more. You can also collaborate with your team on estimating projects, manage your vendors and price books online, track your project status and jobsite completion, and sync your data with accounting software like QuickBooks Online and Xero.

MeasureSquare CRM helps you to:

  • Analyze your previous bid win-rate and project margin to select the best opportunities
  • Create impressive bids and sales quotes with floor plan drawings, product layout designs, and installation diagrams
  • Collaborate on estimating projects with MeasureSquare Web edition
  • Manage your vendors and their price books online
  • Track your project pricing requests, purchase orders, and work orders
  • Track your jobsite production and installation schedules with JobTrakr module
  • Manage change orders with comparison against the original takeoff diagrams
  • Sync your bids and estimates with QuickBooks Online, Xero accounting software
  • And more…

Who Can Benefit from MeasureSquare CRM

MeasureSquare CRM is suitable for different types of flooring businesses, such as:

  • Commercial Flooring Contractors: You can use MeasureSquare CRM to track project leads, create bid proposals, request prices from vendors, generate purchase orders and work orders, schedule jobs and track jobsite production, and integrate with QuickBooks Online.
  • Flooring Retailers: You can use MeasureSquare CRM to manage leads and customers, run marketing campaigns, manage sales teams, assign installer crews, schedule jobs, and integrate with QuickBooks Online. You can also access b2b catalogs from vendors.
  • Flooring Installers: You can use MeasureSquare CRM to measure jobsites and site conditions, generate quotes, schedule jobs, and track installation progress.
  • Multi-family Contractors: You can use MeasureSquare CRM to measure onsite properties, create bid packages for builders and property managers, manage orders, schedule jobs, and track installation progress.

How MeasureSquare CRM Works

MeasureSquare CRM is based on the latest MeasureSquare 8 estimating engine, which is the most powerful takeoff estimating tool in the commercial flooring industry. It also runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, which ensures high performance and security.

To use MeasureSquare CRM, you need to have a MeasureSquare account and a subscription plan. You can then log in to the web-based interface and start creating projects. You can import your takeoff estimating data from MeasureSquare desktop or mobile editions or create new projects using MeasureSquare Web edition. You can then use the various modules of MeasureSquare CRM to manage your projects from start to finish.

Here is a screenshot of the lead management kanban view screen:

Comparison with Salesforce and other CRMs 

Instead of general purpose CRM systems like Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho CRM and others, MeasureSquare is a flooring trade specific CRM with trade specific business functions that is optimized for flooring sales and operations.  The key core functions like measure estimating, bidding, material tracking, job scheduling, vendor b2b catalogs are not available in general CRM systems.

A Little History

MeasureSquare has a long history of providing estimating driven CRM since 2012 and this new CRM edition is a total revamp of the previous FloorLink CRM system on top of Microsoft Azure cloud platform. The estimating engine is based on the latest MeasureSquare 8, the most powerful takeoff estimating tool in commercial and retail flooring trades.

How to get started with MeasureSquare CRM?

If you are interested in trying out MeasureSquare CRM, you can request a free trial or contact us for more information. We also provide quality support and onboarding training to help you get the most out of our solution.

Free Trial Request and more info visit:  https://measuresquare.com/crm

Contact Email: crm@measuresquare.com