MeasureSquare Mobile is a mobile measuring app that allows you to quickly and accurately measure residential homes and commercial buildings to create interactive floor plans. These floor plans come with all the attachments included like doors, windows, countertops, and other materials. Users are able to take these floor plans and accurately estimate material needs and costs directly on the job site.

So let’s take a closer look at the main reasons to use MeasureSquare Mobile:

1 – Quickly provide quotes to potential clients

Home contractors, retail flooring sales representatives, remodelers, and home flippers struggle with creating and keeping track of quotes and estimates. Customers that require a cost breakdown do not want to wait a long time for your bid.

Measuring apps like MeasureSquare allow contractors and sales reps to create accurate estimates on-site and then present clients with professional bid packages that include pricing options and cost breakdowns.

MeasureSquare mobile will also help you impress your clients with a detailed 3D floor and wall design walk-through so that they can visualize the finished product.

2 – Measure accurately with laser meter compatibility

Accurate measuring is the cornerstone of the construction industry and it is important to purchase software that is designed to cater to your needs. MeasureSquare is compatible with many different models of Leica Disto, Bosch, DeWALT, and Moisure One laser measurers.

3 – Documentation in the cloud and on the go

Managing different job sites at the same time can be a hassle without the proper organizational software. Project information needs to be accessible in the field and in the showroom as-needed and throughout the life of each project.

The ability to generate interim reports and update vendors, contractors, and customers on the needs and the progress of a job will keep projects on time and on budget. MeasureSquare offers its clients M2 Cloud field and office collaboration to serve your customers better and faster. The mobile measuring app also offers a simplified communication channel between team members, subcontractors, and additional stakeholders.

Communication is vital to a wide variety of projects from large construction to small renovations. Images and updates can be seamlessly shared and additional material needs can be instantly heeded, ordered, and fulfilled.

4 – Outbid the competition

All you need is an iPad, iPhone, or Android device and a compatible laser measure and you will be able to utilize the power of MeasureSquare Mobile on every job you bid for. MeasureSquare will draw the home’s layout for you as you measure. Then, you will be able to drag and drop products into each room while MeasureSquare calculates product quantities with optimized waste and cuts in real time. Now you can create easy-to-understand floor plans for your customers and will win more bids.


MeasureSquare Mobile is perfect for:

  • Flooring dealers
  • Home builders
  • Real estate agents
  • Remodelers
  • Home flippers
  • And many more!

Precisely measure, create professional bid packages that include 3D floor and wall design walkthroughs, and win more jobs all on-site with MeasureSquare Mobile.

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